October 2014
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Our focus is secure transportation of cargo.

Every year a lot of accidents  happens on the roads, where large personal injury and damage to goods is not uncommon. Vast quantities of goods are destroyed due to insufficient knowledge of cargo loading.

The Swedish Transport authority ” Transportstyrelsen”  started in 2010 a  cargo securing project to  identify a number of analysis areas within the cargo area  to avoid these accidents.

  1.      Common calculation methods for securing loads
  2.      EU common rules for securing loads in the road
  3.      International rules for securing loads on railway
  4.      EU joint construction requirements for vehicles
  5.      Responsibility for securing loads on road
  6.      Reporting of accidents, etc.
  7.      Coordinated inspections of regulators
  8.      Forum for the impact and potential alliance partners

We at Cargoloading.eu together with trade associations have now opted for the first of  Transportstyrelsen  analysis areas.

“Common calculation methods for securing loads”

We are now releasing a lashing Calculator app for smartphones to get transportation companies and authorities to use the same standards for lashing cargo in the EU.

The base for calculation is currently under the Swedish TSVFS 1978:10 and 1998:95 VVFS  standards.

Sweden was the first country in setting their standard in 1975 and many countries followed these standards when they set grounds for their own.

Not to forget is, that this standard is the most demanding standard and is sufficient for most countries.

New basis of calculation is being dealt with on common world standards and will be launched in about 2015.
New calculation standards will of course be implemented in the calculator when ready.

We will inform you when a  new version is released.


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