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7000 downloads 2017

7000 lashing apps downloaded from the Android store.Thanks to all of you  truckers who are supporting us and making the roads a safe place to

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Our focus is secure transportation of cargo.

Every year  lot of accidents happens on the roads, where large personal injury and damage to goods is not uncommon. Vast quantities of goods are destroyed due to insufficient knowledge of cargo loading.

The Swedish Transport authority ” Transportstyrelsen” started in 2010 a cargo securing project to identify a number of areas within the transport area that should avoid these accidents.


is the first one of these areas, and to oblige Transportstyrelsen we have developed a lashing Calculator application for smartphones, in which most of the countries  regulations are implemented.
New common regulations are on it´s way and  will be released in mars 2018.

The new regulations will of course be implemented in our aplications when ready.

We will inform you when a new version is released.

100 years ago ?

Oh no! it`s today!!!! 


Cargoloading.eu was founded in 2012, and has been providing quality software to Truckers ever since. Located in Åkersberga Sweden. 
Our business is to provide the transportation area with top of the line software tools and make the roads a safe place to be on.


You can contact us at :
info@cargoloading.eu or fill in the following contact form.